Written Maintenance Control Program

WMCP Forms provide a method for creating a code compliant MCP. This form is designed exclusively for each type of Vertical Transportation equipment. Each individual form can be used an unlimited number of times to create a MCP for all the equipment in your fleet of elevators or escalators that your company services, or your organization owns.

Due to the nature of this product, refunds, returns or exchanges are not permitted.

Interactive PDFs for creating Maintenance Control Programs

Written Maintenance Control Program sample

WMCP form files simplify the process of creating a Maintenance Control Program (MCP) as required by Section 8.6 of the ASME A17.1 Elevator and Escalator Safety Code. WMCP forms are designed for use by authorized elevator service personnel or other persons responsible for creating a Maintenance Control Program. The requirements contained in Section 8.6 are referenced in each form specific to the type of equipment; electric elevators, hydraulic elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, moving walks and more. Each individual WMCP form can be reused as many times as needed. As conditions change or additional maintenance procedures apply, the document is easily updated and reprinted to maintain on-going MCP code compliance. WMCP forms are available for virtually all types of vertical transportation equipment that are required by code to have and maintain a written Maintenance Control Program.

In addition to the WMCP forms, a Logs and Procedures Supplement is provided at no additional cost. The supplement contains multiple templates for creating the many other documents that are required as part of a code compliant MCP. The supplement also uses a PDF fillable-forms format that can be completed on a computer or by hand. All WMCP forms are fully printable and can be saved to a hard drive or external device.

The WMCP forms product was first introduced to the elevator & escalator industry in 2012. Since then it has proven to be valuable asset to elevator service companies, in-house elevator shops (universities), and consultants throughout the country with the process of achieving overall code compliance by having and maintaining a written Maintenance Control Program.

Code Compliance

Section 8.6, Requirement

Beginning with the A17.1b-2003 edition of the A17.1 Safety Code Standard, a written Maintenance Control Program is required for all equipment covered by Section 8.6, Maintenance and Testing. This includes, but is not limited to: electric and hydraulic commercial elevators, electric and hydraulic private residence elevators, roped-hydraulic elevators, escalators, moving walks, dumbwaiters and more.

Section 8.6 governs all equipment, new and existing, regardless of when it was originally installed or upgraded.

Requirement states that the maintenance procedures in the MCP shall be based on the equipment age, condition, accumulated wear, design and inherent quality of the equipment, usage, environmental conditions, improved technology, and more. A code compliant MCP is also required to have additional written documents that provide maintenance and testing procedures for unique or product specific equipment as well as logs that indicate when service, testing, replacement or repair actions are performed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure we need a MCP?
The best way to be sure is to ask your Elevator Inspector or other local code authorities.
We already have a service contract. Why do we need a MCP?
A service contract is an agreement between you (owner) and your service provider for service and maintenance. The MCP is a code required document. Your service provider should confirm that the MCP document is in place for each unit covered by the service agreement.
Who is responsible for creating and maintaining the MCP document?
As with most aspects of the vertical transportation industry, the MCP document should be created by authorized elevator personnel that are familiar with the equipment.
Our elevators were installed over 30 years ago. Why do we need this MCP now?
Section 8.6 of the A17.1 Code regulates both new and existing (old) equipment. Check with your local code authority to be sure which edition of the A17.1 applies where your equipment is located.
What is the difference between maintenance logs and a Maintenance Control Program?
A maintenance log only documents when a task was performed. The MCP is a set of documents that provide specific written information that indicates how, when and what procedures are performed to confirm overall compliance with the many requirements in Section 8.6.
Are dumbwaiters, private residence elevators and special service elevators required to have a MCP?
Yes. Section 8.6 includes requirements for all of these types of vertical transportation equipment.
I have 100 hydraulic and 75 electric elevators we maintain. How many WMCP forms do i need?
Two. One for the hydraulic elevators (H-200) and one for the electric elevators (E-100).
How long does it take to fill out these forms?
Most contractors say it takes them about 2 hours to complete the first form, then about 20 minutes for each subsequent form.
Are these forms accepted as a code compliant MCP by my inspector?
It's important to know that the WMCP forms must be completed properly by authorized elevator personnel. With the proper information and related documents included, most AHJ's and inspectors have approved their use as a Maintenance Control Program.
Can I return or exchange a WMCP document?
No, these are digital files that can be used over and over again. No returns, refunds or exchanges are allowed on digital files.

WMCP logs & procedures supplement may be included with order.