Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Code Data Plate?
A Code Data Plate is a permanent plate providing information for those performing inspections and tests as to the code and edition in effect at the time of installation as well as any alteration. (See A17.1-2000 section 8.9)
Why is a Code Data Plate needed?
Over time the Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators has undergone a number of changes. The tests and inspections required are specific to the Code Edition and Supplements (Addenda) under which the equipment was installed or altered. Section 8.9 of ASME A17.1-2000 and later editions details the requirements for Code Data Plates.
When did Code Data Plates become required?
They first became required with the Fifteenth Edition of the Code (A17.1-1996).
Are Code Data Plates required on existing equipment?
Yes; under section of ASME A17.1-2000 all new, existing and altered equipment is required to have a Code Data Plate. Also Rule 1200.6 of A17.1-1996 through A17.1d-2000 has the same requirement.
Where is the Code Data Plate Mounted?
On the Controller or on the Main Disconnect Switch. (See Section 8.9 of the A17.1-2000)
What code edition are the alteration rules taken from?
Rules are taken from the edition under which the alteration was permitted. However, for alterations permitted under editions earlier than A17.1-1996 the Part XII rules used are found in the 1996 edition (see 1200.6).
What does AHJ mean?
Authority Having Jurisdiction.
What does Permit Date mean?
This is the date which the permit for the installation or alteration of the equipment was issued.
What is the difference between an Alteration and a Modernization?
None. The term 'alteration' is used in the elevator code and includes items often called upgrades as well as those typically called modernizations. Also, certain replacements are classified as an alteration. (For example, the replacement of a Hydraulic Jack is covered by alteration requirement
How is the Original Installation Permit Date determined?
Ideally from the Installation Permit, but often this information is not available. Typically the Building Permit date, the elevator installation contract date, first power to the site, the Crosshead Data Plate, elevator or building plans or the building cornerstone all provide helpful information as to when the elevator installation may have been permitted.
How is Alteration Permit Date obtained?
Ideally from the Alteration Permit, but often this information is not available. Typically the alteration contract or proposal acceptance date or dates on the altered equipment are helpful.
If the equipment was installed before there was a local code what will be used for an Original Installation Code?
The A17.1 code edition that was in effect (nationally) at the time of installation permit.
When several Alterations are done over a period of years, what is required on the plate?
Alterations that are done under the same edition can be grouped together as long as the permit dates fall within the start and end dates for that edition. Those under different editions must be shown with additional data fields.
What is the price?
Because of the many factors that go into assuring the proper code information is placed on the plate and the many variables in customers and order size we offer quotations.
Alterations are planned in the near future; will I have to replace the plate?
Yes, an updated alteration plate will be needed.
What rule covers fixtures?
Fixtures are operating devices and are included with controls, but when replaced alone, without change to the operating system, are often considered as replacements.
What rule covers signaling devises?
Signaling devices (alarms and phones) are covered in the section on emergency operations.
What if I already have a Code Data Plate, but now need to show an alteration?
An updated alteration plate will be needed.
My elevator has been altered or modernized several times since its original installation. How can these alterations be addressed?
Use a Multiple Alteration Plate. This plate provides the means to show the changes made under multiple editions of the code.