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Runby Plates and Other Products

Counterweight Runby Plates (A17.1 section 2.4.5) are required to be installed in the pit near the counterweight buffer to indicate the maximum designed counterweight runby.

These plates are highly visible Red and White with 1 lettering as required. Two mounting holes are provided.

They available individually in red plastic with the runby dimension engraved to meet specific job requirements by completing the Order Form.

These plates are also available in quantity in metal with space to add field marking of the counterweight runby. To order complete the Order Form

Door Operator Plates as required by Requirement of A17.1 are available in either a standard format where the Door Operator is set up the same for all floors or in a custom format for multiple floor setting. To order use the Order Form.

CodeDataPlate.com offers a variety of code required replacement plates, tags and signs often required by A17.1 section These include rope tags, buffer and governor marking plates, capacity signs and various code required signage. These plates are not offered as standards as codes and job requirements differ. Please Contact Us to order these plates.