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  Add-On Plates contain no Original Code Information and can be used only where there is an existing Code Data Plate.

The Add-On Plate contains only modernization information. To order this plate go to our Custom Plate Order Form and check the 'Add-on Only' box and omit the Original Installation Permit Date, then complete all applicable alteration information.

For quantity orders of Add-On or Custom Plates call us at 281/257-0516 for special pricing. Add-On Plates are sometimes stocked depending on demand. Examples of common Add-On Plates are Jack or Cylinder Replacements, Door Protection, Door Restrictors, Valve Upgrades, and Fire Service.

Field Marked Alteration Plates:This type of Add-On Plate allows the contractor to mark the alteration and the code under which it was made for a number of common minor alterations. These plates are for 2000 and later codes and not for modernizations.

Field Marked Existing Modernization Plate: These plates have been developed for use in Kits for major elevator markets. They enable the elevator contractor to identify a limited number of basic items modernized on existing elevators under maintenance where complete information about a past modernization is known. These plates are not for new modernizations or for cases where complete historical alteration information is available.

To order Field Marked plates go to the Order Form and select the appropriate plate.

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